Artist Statement

My photographic images are of pieces I find on my morning walks with my dogs or on trips with my family. I photograph these works either in studio or on site with a backdrop.

My work is about seeing details that are often overlooked when we are moving through our busy lives. I love the contrast between the white backdrop and the piece in front of it. By isolating the piece and removing the context, my hope is the viewer will see parts of these plants they never noticed before. That they will marvel at their color and shape and perhaps when they are out next time, they will stop to appreciate something cool for a few minutes.

I also have come to recognize that my work is about aging and appreciating the beauty in every stage of the process. I have found that I have a natural fondness for plants that are on the latter end of their life cycle and find that a crinkled edge or bulging seed pod creates a new interest in a piece. I know this is no coincidence as a middle aged artist.

In the end, my photographs are a celebration for me, of being able to be out walking in the world, seeing color, texture and life grow and change and memorialize it during the process.

thumbnail_20180413_111341           thumbnail_IMG_20181208_121457566_HDR

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